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Why Choose a Professional Makeup Artist?

A professional makeup artist has specific training and generally years of industry experience which reflects both in our skills and techniques. Our ability to work on different skintones and ethnicities.  Trained to work on all skintypes, ages, eye and facial shapes. A trained artist knows how to display a face to its full potential and has made a career of it. They will use highlighting and contouring techniques which will help emphasise your best features, maybe even a little corrective work.  All the tricks of the trade that will help you look stunning.

A professional makeup artist will have a well stocked, clean kit. Packed full with professional brands designed specifically for photographic lighting and durability. High pigment, good coverage foundations allow your skin to look flawless and natural, eyes, cheeks and lips that will last. Using high quality products results in your makeup looking incredible through the day and into the evening! We’re generally product junkies and are always testing and trialling new products to make sure we are up to date with everything on the market.

Cleanliness is essential. With a professional you can be confident that we are following current industry OH&S safety standards. Use of disposable tools and thorough sterilisation of all other tools and brushes is a part of our every day practices.  We care about our kits, tools and clients and treat all with respect. Professionalism speaks for itself and stands out in our punctuality, cleanliness and fabulously stocked kits.

Don’t skimp on your bridal makeup. Your photos will last a lifetime. Dont regret not booking that amazing makeup artist who you thought was a little expensive. When it comes to makeup artists and their kits – you get what you pay for.

Trust a professional, sit back, relax and be pampered.







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