goes beyond the frontiers of traditional cosmetics

and introduces new generation professional skin care.

More Effective, More Sensorial, & More Eco-Friendly.


 The skin is beautiful in the hands of professionals.


PHYTOMER, is a true pioneer in marine cosmetics, & has made
scientific progress its guiding principle.
For 40 years, its research and development teams have been
discovering the most powerful marine ingredients and inventing
the cosmetics of tomorrow.
Today PHYTOMER is one of the few cosmetic companies in the world
to master marine biotechnology to produce completely
new and natural ingredients using high-tech and environmentally
friendly methods.
PHYTOMER stands out in particular with a new generation of
natural, high-performance and eco-friendly marine ingredients:
Marine ExoPolySaccharides (EPS),
unique and inimitable natural sugars with revolutionary
cosmetic applications.
They include XMF, which smooths wrinkles in 1 hour and the
remarkable VMR, which has powerful retexturing properties
for a perfect skin texture.
For 3 generations, Phytomer has been creating in-house unprecedented
marine active ingredients, and has been manufacturing high-quality
products distributed throughout the world. 
Phytomer has remained an independent family business now
directed by the founder’s son.
Phytomer is firmly anchored in the heart of the marine world in Brittany,
with head office is in Saint Malo and its research and production site
in the world-famous bay of Mont Saint-Michel.
Phytomer is one of the only skincare companies in the world that
has mastered marine biotechnologies, which is the use of
marine micro-organisms to produce new , totally unprecedented,
natural active ingredients.
This new high-tech biochemistry, derived from the medical
and pharmaceutical industries, paves the way for increasingly
effective and sensorial formulas with a reduced impact
on the environment.