Smiink Lashes

Smiink Lashes are the preferred lash by some of Australia’s most well-known
celebrity makeup artists including Rae Morris and have enhanced the eyes of
Katy Perry, Lindsey Lohan, Pink and The Veronica’s.
Smiink lashes are hand made from a variety of materials including silk, human hair,
fabric, synthetic & metallic material, mink fur and feathers. 
Smiink lashes are made from only the highest quality materials and undergo
extremely strict QC regime.
Due to their thin, strong and durable spine, the lashes retain their shape which
makes them easy to apply and re-use.
With the lash craze currently taking over the world, what better way to dramatically
change the look of your eyes than with a luscious set of Smiink Lashes.
All Smiink Lashes are reuseable up to 30 times. 
All lashes come as a set of 2 and include a tube of high quality lash glue.

How to apply your Smiink Lashes 

  1. Firstly apply your makeup, eye shadow and eye liner.
  2. Using the Smiink glue apply a hairline thickness of glue along the spine of the lash, wait 15-30 seconds until the glue goes tacky.
  3. Slightly lift the eyelid from the eyebrow, rest the spine of the lash along the natural lash and follow the line of the lid.
  4. Gently push the tip of the lash inwards to ensure complete adhesion.
  5. Ensure the false lash sits neatly over the natural lash.
  6. Once glue is dried and lash is secure, gently press your own lashes into the false lashes to ensure a natural look.
  7. Open the eye and remove any glue with eye shadow applicator or wet cotton tip.
  8. Re-apply eyeliner for the perfect finished, defined fabulous eye.