Dreadlocks done properly will be noticed for what they are - a hairstyle.
Like all hairstyles they need to be maintained to look their best. Dreadlocks contrary to belief are very high maintenance requiring a lot of time and patience.

Our Stylists are trained in Dreadlocks and Dreadlock maintenance.
All our dreadlocks are perfected by hand, with a hook, backcombing and a tightening tool.  All natural. No glue, No stitching, No perm solution & No rubber bands are used.
Dreading your hair requires a minimum of eight (8) to fifteen (15) cm in length depending on your hair type. You must be aware you will lose a lot of length when dreading - ( approximately 1/3 of the length of undreaded hair.)
As with all hairstyles Dreadlocks require specific products for home maintenance. Do yourself a favour do it right the first time. 
So you're now rocking your new set of dreads but what's next? Dreadlocks take time to tighten and mature but a good maintenance routine with get them there faster.
1. If your dreads are brand new you won't need to wash them for around a week. They are newly waxed and probably hurt a little because initially they are very tight. If you have a pair of pantyhose, pop those over your head while you sleep to help keep the frizz at bay. It's normal for dreads to make your scalp a little itchy at first. If that's the case, get your hands on some Peppermint Cooling Spray which is specifically designed to soothe an itchy scalp.
2. Your dreads are 1 week old and probably ready to give them a good shampoo. It's really important you use a residue free dreadlock shampoo.  Normal shampoos leave behind conditioning residues - great if you want soft, silky, knot free hair but not so much if you have dreadlocks!
Washing your hair is pretty straight forward. Soak your dreads well with water in the shower, squirt a little shampoo and gently work them into the dreads. Be sure to rinse out the shampoo really really well.
Now its time to dry.
Lean over letting your dreads hang down in front of you and squeeze as much water out as you can. When there's no water coming out and squeeze any excess off. Now throw a towel round your head to soak up any leftover moisture and after 15 minutes or so whip it off and let them air dry.
3. Now that they are dry, clean this is the perfect time to dread ball loose hairs, palm roll your dreads (Palm rolling is when you roll the dread back and forth between your palm like you are playing with Play-Doh®), and to use the clockwise rubbing method. Your dreadlocks will knot and tighten easily now because being clean, there is a lot of friction between the hair strands. They may get a little frizzy while you work on them but just dread ball the frizzes and work them into the nearest dread. Once you are all rubbed out treat your dreads to a small coat of Dread Wax. Work it in real good and smooth out any frizz as you go. You can use a Hair Dryer to help melt the wax in really good, although be careful not to overdo it as it can dry your dreads out. At this point your dreads should look pretty well maintained and this should last up to a week.
4. From here on in, you are welcome to wash your dreads as frequently as you want because clean hair locks and tightens better than hair with oily build up. Just follow the steps above, and be sure to let them dry out thoroughly.  As for waxing, after your first shampoo followed by a wax, re apply wax once or twice a fortnight - always following a shampoo and be sure to let your hair thoroughly dry before applying. When your dreadlocks reach their desired tightness you can pull right back on the wax and only apply it when you feel the dreadlocks have become a little loose or if you find them particularly dry.
If you ever feel like the wax needs a freshen up or you have waxy build up then de wax by heating each dread with a hair dryer. Press a paper towel into the dreadlock to mop up as much excess wax as you can and then soak them in hot water (taking care of course not to burn yourself). Then follow this with a good wash



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