Kérastase is in the world's most sumptuous salons and used by the
world's most prestigious hairdressers from across the globe.
 Presented in magnificent spaces and used by remarkably
talented experts, Kérastase represents the
effectiveness of luxury with sophistcated diagnostic tools
and customised care, the ultimate keys to attaining perfection.
Your hair is an important messenger to the world,
and so you must care for it, exquisitely.

It mirrors your mood.

It matches your mindset.

It moves as you do, freely.

That is the reason behind Kérastase, originator of luxury hair care.
We believe hair is more than something you wear every day.
It is an individual expression of the way you live, and the way you
want to live.
Inspired by our intimate acquaintance with the personal nature of
hair care, Kérastase provides customized tools for exceptional hair.
Every woman wants exceptional hair, but the solution is not the same
for everyone. 
Hair type, scalp concerns, internal and external factors are some of
the  variables that can affect the health of the hair. 
It requires personal attention and expertise to resolve all of these factors into
one  very individual, yet perfect, head of hair. 

Kérastase creates innovative products and bespoke rituals for flawless results.



Since 1964, Kérastase has infused luxury with pioneering science,
elevating hair care to the status of high-end skin care.
Applications and textures became more sensual and pleasurable, a
concept quickly embraced by a new generation of
independent-minded women.
New, personalised solutions included the introduction of enhanced
cleansing, known as “bain” and the signature 1-2-3 hair routine.



Natural is not the same thing as biodegradable.
Even in the planet world, raw materials like oils or waves can have a
rate of biodegradability that varies between zero and 100%.
Everything has a life and an afterlife.
Kérastase is determined to lower its environmental impact by specifically
choosing ingredients with high biodegradability for all formulas.
With Aura Botanica, the brand has reached a remarkable average
of 97% of biodegradability.



We know that the way our products are packaged is just as important
as what’s inside.
It starts with three simple ideas:
We’re proud of the changes we’ve already been making to our packaging,
like sourcing paper, cardboard and wood from only certified forests.
We’re learning more about the materials we use and
respecting the environments they come from, every day.
In 2015, we introduced more Post-Consumer Regrind
(PCR) plastics into the making of our bottles and jars.
Since then, more than 4,900 tonnes of recyclable materials have
beenused instead of new materials.
This not only dramatically reduces the environmental impact of
our products, but it conserves energy that would be needed for
the manufacturing of new plastics.
It’s only going to get better with time.
Kérastase have major plans to ensure all packaging from now on
has a 25% PCR minimum.
Packaging that’s better for the environment, lighter weight, and
reflectsthe high quality of the product inside.


 Reveal the hair’s natural beauty


Caring for the scalp along with nourishing, protecting and enhancing the
hair is the Kérastase approach to the “Art of Perfect Hair”.  
Volume, shine and movement all start with high-performance products
followed by personalised hairstyling.
To advance even further, Kérastase was able to transcend the very notion
of hairstyling and to create a new collection that is
emotional and sensual. “Couture Styling” by Kérastase is the alliance
of fusional long-lasting hold
and hair that moves freely and feels irrestistible.
For the first time, women can enjoy styling products that do not stiffen
their hair, but rather shape it so it stays free and moves when they move.
More than just a new styling tool, the Kérastase Styling collection is
style perfection.