Hair Colour

All products used at Headlines Hair & Beauty are formulated for professional use and are of the highest quality.

Headlines Hair & Beauty uses and recommends L’Oreal Professionnel Hair colour, L’Oreal colours are the best in maintaining the health and condition of your hair in the Australian climate.

Creativity, innovation and partnership—three of the key reasons why L'Oréal Professionnel and its products are preferred by the world's most renowned hairdressers.

L'Oréal Professionnel shares an important belief with our hairdresser partners: women are not only all different, but each is unique. This is why L'Oréal Professionnel's philosophy is "all different, each unique".

Always at the heart of fashion, L'Oréal Professionnel provides hairstylists and colourists with tools to fully exploit their creativity. Twice a year, L'Oréal Professionnel organizes the Colour Collections, major events that contribute to making hairstyles an essential part of fashion by combining L'Oréal's technical expertise and innovative approach with the latest trends on the catwalk. Together with top hairdressers throughout the world, the brand interprets new trends in fashion for the hairdressing industry so that every customer can be at the forefront of style and beauty.

L'Oréal Professionnel products combine L'Oréal laboratories' expertise and technological advances with an in-depth understanding of the art and technique of hairdressing. Our colour products (Majirel, Diacolor, Luo colour, Platinium and others) are on the cutting-edge of fashion.



Corrective colour involves a number of colouring steps needed to change a pre-existing colour you are unhappy with. You may have had this colour service at another salon or applied a home colour yourself with unexpected results. Any major colour change even for pre-existing clients is also considered ‘corrective’ colour.

All of the above situations require hairdressers to take into consideration such things as uneven porosity, previous colour applications, and colour build-up on your ends, washed out lowlights, murky toners and the most common over bleached hair. Often this can mean that when hairdressers analyse your hair and inform you of the reality of your situation, it’s not all just bad news. We can do our best to solve your problems by giving you an honest opinion, a game plan (or plan for your hair) and a time frame for achieving your desired result. With each visit your hairdresser will re analyse your hair and re-evaluate your situation before each service.


Working with colour is not just ‘creative’ but a science – the greater the experience and expertise of your colour technician, the better chance of the best possible results.


There are a number of colours and it can mystify clients……

Semi permanent colours

Add or deposit gentle colour on top of your own colour. They add warmth, go darker, blend greys, plus add shine. They cannot lighten hair. These fade out of hair and leave a subtle regrowth.

Permanent colours

Are tints that are mixed with peroxide and permanently change the colour of the hair. Therefore, you will have a regrowth. They can be used to make your natural hair lighter, darker, redder or warmer. Tints are recommended when you want to cover grey, get rid of natural hair colour or go for a complete change. You will need to use appropriate shampoos and treatments to maintain condition and tone.


Bleaching is the most extreme lightening process in the colour range. It is a very high maintenance colour choice – both in terms of salon time and at home maintenance. Bleaching needs to be done every 3-4 weeks – leave it any longer and it becomes a corrective colour. Bleaching can result in banding and possible breakage

Highlights - Foils

Highlights are done by adding pieces of colour – either fine or thick chunks by weaving them throughout the hair and wrapping them in foil or plastic packets. Bleach and/or tints can be used. There are any different creative combinations of colour techniques.

Low lights - Foils

Are approached in the same way as highlights but the tints used are deeper in colour. This colour will fade a few shades over time depending on your hairs porosity.


 Rich, permanent colour providing perfect coverage of up to 100% of white hair.

 Consumers desiring rich, deep, intense colour and perfect coverage of white hair.

 Long-lasting, radiant colour with rich, natural tones. Ionène G™ and Incell™ advanced technologies penetrate all 3 levels of  the  hair to treat the entirety of the hair fiber. Ionène G™ restores, protects, and continously conditions. Incell™ Complex strengthens  and reinforces from the inside out.

Over 94 shades in 9 shade families for unlimited CREATIVITY. Ionène G™ and Incell™ advanced technologies penetrate all 3 levels of the hair to treat the entirety of the hair fiber. Ionène G™ restores, protects, and continously conditions. Incell™ Complex strengthens and reinforces from the inside out. Long-lasting, durable permanent colour with superior resistance to fading


Consumers desiring pure, vibrant and intense red and copper shades. Vibrant and sophisticated red ton Ionène G™ and Incell™ advanced technologies penetrate all 3 levels of the hair to treat the entirety of the hair fibre. Ionène G™ restores, protects, and continously conditions. Incell™ Complex strengthens and reinforces from the inside out. Selected shades contain Rubilane and DM5 technology for pure, vibrant and intense red and copper with 100% coverage of white hair. Pure, vibrant and intense, long-lasting copper and red shades. Majirouge: 5 shades Majirouge Rubilane : 3 shades Majirouge LUMAX: 3 shades. Perfect coverage of up to 100% white hair. Long-lasting, durable permanent colour with superior resistance to fading.


 Innovation no ammonia: INOA provides supreme respect to the hair and optimized scalp comfort. An odorless, ammonia-free  permanent haircolor, it delivers the performance of a traditional haircolor featuring ODS (Oil Delivery System) Technology.

 Revolutionary oil-based, ammonia-free permanent hair colour. Consumers desiring natural shades, beautiful condition, stunning  shine and perfect coverage of white hair. Maximized effectiveness of the permanent hair colour process with ultimate respect for the condition of the hair fiber, resulting in stunning shine and perfect coverage of up to 100% white hair. Oil Delivery System (ODS²) technology: envelops the hair fiber in a film of oil, repelling the water-based colorant, pushing it deeper into the hair fiber for unlimited colour

Low Dose MEA: a low dose of MEO (monoethanolamine) slightly opens the cuticle. - Reinforced coverage of up to 100% white hair

- 6 weeks of intense hydration and nutrition

- 50% more shine*

90 shades. Reinforced coverage of up to 100% white hair. 100% ammonia-free, long-lasting, durable permanent colour


Age-defying, ammonia-free permanent haircolor

Clients with 70% - 100% white hair who are looking for softer, more natural-looking colour results that better complement aging skin tones, and who are concerned about loss of volume. Oil Delivery System (ODS²): an oil-based delivery system that uses the power of oil to maximize the effectiveness of the hair colouring process. Harnessing this no-ammonia and no-odour technology allows INOA to deliver infinite hair colour power, optimized scalp comfort, 50% more shine* and 6 weeks of intense hydration and nutrition.

The Densilum Complex: fortifies the cuticle to provide body and fullness to hair.

- Exact and predictable shades

- Double tones illuminate the skin

- Redensifies the hair fiber for body and fullness

- Luminous, multi-dimensional coverage up to 100% white hair


Luminous Semi-permanent gel-creme haircolor without ammonia

Ideal for colour-treated or sensitized hair.

Luminous tones with exceptionally even colour. New gentle acid technology that is ideal for colour-treated or sensitized hair. Zero lift


Rich Semi-permanent crème hair colour without ammonia

Ideal for natural or coloured hair with up to 70% white hair. Advanced alkaline technology that is ideal for natural or colour-treated hair. 60 shades. Natural looking Semi-blended coverage of up to 70% white hair.

Why is a toner used?

Toners are colours that are applied over highlights or full head blondes as a colour wash. They enable us to individualise hair colour to match your complexion and add gloss at the same time. We can tone down unwanted warm tones; add delicate beige blondes or unique strawberry blondes. Toners are also used in colour balancing on all over hair colour and to create your own special colour results by custom mixing up to three (3) colours together

Why shouldn’t I colour my hair at home?

Hair colour products are complex chemicals, that when used incorrectly can be damaging to hair. It takes years of training to learn how they work and then how to use them appropriately. Hairdressers also train in matching complexion to hair colour to achieve technically perfect as well as flattering results, creating techniques to accentuate your style and cut.

Products used in a salon are of a much higher quality and therefore more expensive per application than home colours. Just consider your $15 - $20 home colour how much is actually spent on ingredients of the colour - by the time the company pays the supermodel or celebrity, the glossy magazines, TV commercials, individual packaging and then the product company and supermarket take their profit. Home hair colour correction has become a weekly challenge in salons and is often very costly and long term to fix for the client.

Great hair colour results with beautifully conditioned hair comes from experience, well trained professionals who care to use the best products on the market in order to give you, their valued client the best.

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