Weddings & Special Events

The hairstyle and makeup you decide on will complete your formal / wedding look. You need to feel comfortable wearing the style so that you are relaxed on the day. Try different looks and decide what YOU like. Make sure (in consultation with your stylist) that your hairstyle and makeup matches your dress.Don’t forget to take a picture of your dress to show your stylist. When it comes to wedding and formal hair, a lot of people think they need to go on this dramatic journey of change, such as wanting to grow their hair, or grow a fringe out. You must remember to be yourself and not to change your style dramatically.
No-one wants to see a bride that's unrecognizable on the day! 
Build a Hair Relationship
The key to having the perfect bridal / formal hairstyle really does depend on the hair relationship you have with your stylist - this is such a key part of looking good, and feeling good on your big day. Make sure you have regular appointments so your hairdresser knows your hair, knows your face shape, knows that (for example) when you’re blow-drying it you need extra volume on your crown or you need width at the side and work your haircuts around that.
For everything to run smoothly for you and your bridesmaids, talk to them about their look as there is nothing more strained than a bridesmaid refusing to wear what the bride wants. Please remember what looks good on one bridesmaid may not on another as we all have different features, likes and dislikes.

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