Reverse Washing Your Hair

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Reverse Washing

Everything in this world goes through constant innovation. The world of makeup and beauty has evolved drastically. Did you ever imagine that something as simple as washing your hair would involve revolutionary techniques? Well, you are in for a big surprise! There is dry shampoo, co-wash, and now, the amazing technique of reverse washing, which has been around for a while, and is getting popular only now. It truly works wonders in giving your hair that perfect bounce. Read on for everything you ever wanted to know about reverse washing.

What Is Reverse Washing

Reverse washing simply means conditioning your hair before you shampoo it. Therefore, once you wet your hair, you need to apply conditioner, and then work a lather with the shampoo.

Why You Should Try It

This technique usually helps build a lot of volume. If your hair structure is fine, or if you have scanty or fine hair, you must try this. A lot of women also suffer from oily hair, especially due to product build-up. They complain of having oily roots and dry ends. Reverse washing is a great solution for oily hair as well. It cleans your scalp and washes away the residue from the piled up product. Women with frizzy hair and treated hair (coloured, permed, or straightened) will also find their hair reacting very well to this technique. Their tresses will surely be more manageable.

What Are the Products Required For This Technique

All you need for reverse washing are shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo and conditioner should be from the same brand for best results. Also, you must make sure the conditioner is dense. It should nourish your hair so that even after you shampoo, your hair remains smooth and silky. Conditioners that completely wash off, without leaving any residue behind, will only make your hair dry.

How to Get Reverse Washing Right

If you have tried reverse washing earlier and have been disappointed, or if you are worried that your hair might be left high and dry once you do this, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Your hair needs to be saturated with water before you condition it. If your hair isn’t soaked with water, the chances are that the conditioner will not distribute itself evenly throughout the hair i.e., from the roots to the tips.
  2. Once you have applied your conditioner, leave it on for at least five minutes before you wash it off. If you are the restless, impatient kind, it is best you find something else to do, like shaving your legs, or making a quick sandwich after you apply the conditioner. But, make sure you keep the conditioner on for some time for it to work well.
  3. Do not rinse out the conditioner once it is time to wash it off. Wet your hair a little, and then use shampoo to rinse off the conditioner. Use up to 25 per cent lesser shampoo than you would if you were washing your hair normally. The idea is to make sure you do not strip your hair off all the conditioner. If you do, your hair will become dry, tangled, and messy.


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